Friday, 21 April 2017

MacBook Pro Screen Repair in Mumbai at Affordable Prices

Since the MacBook entered the market, it has frequently dominated the other laptop brands. Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air has become the first choice for those who can afford to buy an expensive laptop unit. The Apple’s new edition of the laptop is extremely slim and light-weighted with great curves and looks. However, the slim and light-weighted features also need that a person handles it carefully because the hardware parts may get damage or not function well when handled carelessly. For instance, you are walking around by holding a MacBook Pro in your hands with a loose grip. Your friend, who is standing in a corner, scares you by suddenly coming out of the corner. Whoosh. What was that sound of? Oh no, it was a MacBook falling down that you were holding with a loose grip. You rush picking up the laptop and see what has happened? The screen got damaged. And then you will be rushing for a MacBook Pro Screen repair in Mumbai.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Why Do You Need a MacBook repair Mumbai

MacBook is an Apple’s entry into the world of light weighted laptops. Before the emergence of MacBook in the market, people use to carry a little bulky and heavy laptop bags with them to keep their laptop in it. By keeping in mind the convenience of the business travelers and usual customers, the Apple introduced MacBook with the sleek design, light weight, and great features. The beautifully curved edges and tapered shape is what everyone loves about its appearance. While calculating the risk of the system getting damage or breaking down, the results are incredibly low. But, as it is a machine and can break down even after passing several tests, it is good to visit the service center for MacBook repair Mumbai for regular servicing and maintaining the performance of the system. Also, even the minor issues can be detected during the maintenance service so as to identify the issue at its early phase, if any.

Friday, 7 April 2017

MacBook screen replacement in Mumbai for Broken Screens

Going downstairs with a MacBook laptop in hand and suddenly your feet slips on the stairs. Whoosh. Oh fish, what that sound was of? The MacBook which you were carrying dropped and the screen got damaged. What can be more distressing than the cracking sound of a laptop hitting the floors? It can be and it will be, of course, the panic moment for you as the device has become a part of your working lifestyle. But, there are vendors for MacBook screen replacement in Mumbai who deliver a specialized service to clean your worries relating to the laptop damages or issues.

Today, most of our actions depend on the laptop device like meeting the deadlines of the task, submitting the work reports, or simply collecting the information. We simply resist on our laptop devices for performing our day-to-day tasks. MacBook is much preferred because they are convenient to carry along with you and have a speedy performance. Retina Displays make the MacBook the best option among the other laptop devices.
  • MacBook Pro, a 13-inch display has a 2560/1600 native resolution at 227 pixels per inch
  • MacBook Pro with 15-inch display was launched in early 2013 and has a 2880/1800 native resolution at 220 pixels per inch
  • iMac (Retina 5k) with 27-inch display have a 5120/2880 native resolution supporting millions of colors
  • iMac (Retina 4k) with 21.5-inch display have a 4096/2304 native resolution supporting millions of colors
  • MacBook with 12-inch display have a 2304/1440 resolution at 226 pixels per inch.
When the screen is cracked or damaged and the device has currently undergone the MacBook screen repair in Mumbai, you then need to set the retina display settings of the screen according to you. The retina display of the Apple’s MacBook offers scaled screen resolution that allows the user to have clear text appearance and the objects seem to be larger, clearer, and more visible that provides more space in the windows and the applications. Apple’s application consisted with OS X v10.7 Lion supports the retina display of the device. For example, Safari, Mail, Calendar, Maps, Messages, iBooks, Photo Booth, FaceTime, and TextEdit.